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10 Safest Home Remedies for Cold in Babies (0-6 Months)

It’s important to note that colds can be serious for young infants, and it’s best to consult with a paediatrician before trying any home remedies. However, here are some my tried and tested remedies for babies with colds:

1. Keep the baby hydrated


Make sure to keep your little one hydrated and keep offering breastmilk or formula more frequently. As keeping them well-hydrated can help ease cold-related symptoms like coughing, stuffy nose and sore throat.

2. Use a saline nasal drop


Taking care of colds can be especially difficult with babies, who are too young to understand what’s going on and can’t take regular cold medications.

One way to help ease cold symptoms in babies is to use a saline nasal drop. Saline drops act like tiny showers for the nose, helping to clear out any mucus that is trapped and easing cold symptoms quickly. Not only is this an easy and quick method of soothing colds in babies, but it’s also a great preventative measure to use after every outing to help keep away colds even before they start!

Apply a few drops in each nostril to help clear out any mucus.


3. Use a bulb syringe


Gently suction out any mucus from the baby’s nose using a bulb syringe.

This device is designed to suction out mucus from a baby’s nasal passages, providing instant relief. It also helps to keep baby’s breathing passages clear. It’s important however, not to use force when using the syringe, otherwise it can damage delicate baby skin or cause infection.

Additionally, if bubble syringing for cold relief do not work for more than several days, it could be an indication of something else and a doctor should be consulted.

4. Elevate the baby’s head while sleeping


Use a slight incline, such as a small pillow, to help prevent nasal congestion.

It sounds simple, but this trick actually works! Comparing the baby’s head elevation to the adults’ when they suffer from cold and congestion symptoms proves that increased oxygen levels help colds go away faster. If you notice some cold-related signs in your baby and don’t want to resort to medication just yet, try raising the baby’s bed less than 30 degrees before putting them down for a nap or during night time sleep. This might be just the helping hand your little one needs to beat off colds quickly.

5. Keep the baby warm


Dress the baby in warm, cozy clothing and make sure the room is not too cold.

Keeping your baby warm can help make cold more bearable for them and easier for you to manage. Simple measures include dressing your baby in lightweight layers that are easy to remove if they become too hot, and using warm blankets or swaddling around their body when necessary. A powerful, yet safe space heater can also be used for those cold winter nights.

6. Use a warm compress


Place a warm washcloth over the baby’s chest and back to help soothe and relieve congestion.

it’s a natural, drug-free remedy that can work wonders in making your little one feel more at ease during a cold. All you have to do is to soak a soft cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess, and gently place it on your baby’s forehead/ nose/ chest or back. Just always remember to check the temperature before applying it to your baby’s delicate skin. That’s it! A simple, tender, and friendly solution for your baby’s cold woes.

7. Humidifier


Use a warm shower or a humidifier to create a steamy environment that can help relieve nasal congestion.

Babies with colds can especially benefit from the additional moisture, as it provides relief from congestion and supports their restorative sleep. So, in the spirit of maintaining your baby’s well-being, a humidifier might just be that friend in need for you and your little one!

8. Apply petroleum jelly


When applied to the outer edges of the nostrils, petroleum jelly helps in creating a barrier that traps moisture, soothing irritated skin, and preventing further dryness. This all allows for easier breathing and greater relief for your precious bundle of joy.

Moreover, its mild nature makes it suitable for the delicate skin of your little ones without causing any harm. So, go ahead and give petroleum jelly a chance, ensuring your baby’s comfort during those pesky cold spells.

9. Use a vapor rub


If recommended by a paediatrician, a small amount of vapour rub applied to the baby’s chest can help relieve congestion.

Simply apply a small amount to the chest and back, and watch as it works wonders in helping your baby breathe easier and drift peacefully into a restful slumber. It’s time to say goodbye to stuffy little noses and hello to sweet, untroubled dreams.

10. Offer probiotics


Did you know that probiotics can play a vital role in preventing and reducing the severity of colds in babies? As parents, we always want to ensure our little ones stay healthy and comfy, especially during the cold season. These friendly bacteria not only help in promoting gut health but also have the potential to boost the immune system. The immune system, in turn, fights off harmful pathogens, helping to keep those pesky colds at bay.

It can be quite overwhelming to see our babies suffer from colds, but by integrating probiotics into their diet, we are alleviating some of that discomfort while also promoting overall well-being. So next time your baby is feeling under the weather, remember that probiotics might just be that extra defense they need to bounce back!

Consult with a paediatrician before giving probiotics to a baby.


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