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Home » What to pack in your hospital bag for hassle-free delivery ? | Hospital bag checklist for new mom & baby

What to pack in your hospital bag for hassle-free delivery ? | Hospital bag checklist for new mom & baby


Packing a hospital bag can be a daunting task for any expectant parent. A good time to start the packing process is around the 26-28 weeks mark. You should have your hospital bag ready to go between 32 and 35 weeks of your pregnancy, because around this time you may start experiencing signs of labor and baby may come anytime after this. Too much information about hospital bag checklist is available everywhere but what are the actual essentials that you really need to bring for yourself and your baby? 

Here is the ultimate & simplified hospital bag checklist to make sure you’re all prepared to go to hospital anytime soon for your little one’s arrival. I recommend you make separate bags, one for baby and another for mom to be. Also, there is a pro tip at the end of this post.


    Hospital Bag Checklist FOR MOM 


  1. Maternity pads [Shop]  – For leaking breasts
  2. Maternity bra (one size up) – Your breast size will go up after birth
  3. Nursing pillow – To support your back, prevent slouching and ease feeding
  4. handkerchief
  5. Homecoming dress (feeding friendly & comfy)
  6. Extra panties : 4-5 ( cheap or old ones) or disposable panties.
  7. Extra soft towel to wipe down there after using the washroom.
  8. Mobile, charger, earphones, wallet, hospital papers, ID proof.
  9. Face-wash, face cream, deodorant.
  10. Toothbrush, toothpaste, body-wash. ( Hospitals provide them but I carried mine)
  11. Spectacles (if any)
  12. Comb, clips & rubber bands
  13. Lip balm & other cosmetics if you use
  14. Comfy slippers
  15. Water bottle
  16. Snacks
  17. Masks & sanitiser
  18. Ongoing medicines ( if any)
  19. Extra poly-bags
  20. Hospital documents

      For winters add these ↓

  1. Front open sweatshirt/sweater  
  2. 2 Caps 
  3. 2 pair of socks 
  4. Stole/ Shawl 




  1. Newborn diapers  [Shop]
  2. Baby vests [Shop]
  3. Cloth nappies for diaper free time & extra comfort [Shop]
  4. Newborn  comfy clothes : 3-4 sets
  5. Diaper cream [Shop]
  6. Cap, mittens, socks [Shop]
  7. Swaddles [Shop]
  8. Blanket, thermal wear and sweaters (In winters)
  9. Wet wipes [Shop]
  10. Wash clothes [Shop]
  11. Baby bibs [Shop]
  12. Changing mat [Shop]
  13. Quick dry sheet [Shop]


Shopping for baby things can be stressful and time consuming, but with the availability of online sites like Firstcry and Amazon, you can get everything you need in one place! From diapers to toys to clothes, these sites have it all.

Online shopping cuts out the hassle of having to navigate store aisles or wait in long queues at the checkout counter and makes getting baby stuff a whole lot easier. So,if you are expecting a baby soon or already have one, don’t forget to browse through and for all your shopping needs for baby and mother!


   Tip : Make a one shoulder bag or a bag-pack in which you will keep all the things you need on the go like phone, charger, mask, sanitiser, hanky, wallet, hospital papers, car & home keys, spectacles, lip balm, snacks, water bottle & one sanitary pad for emergency.


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