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Working from Home with Kids : 10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained & Engaged


Working from home is a convenient way to balance your professional and personal life without having to give up either. But it can be tricky if you have kids at home with you. You have the added responsibility of ensuring that your children are engaged while you attend to your work.

Here I am sharing some tips to keep children busy and engaged while you work from home. So, make sure to plan them in advance.


1. Create a daily schedule


One of the best ways to keep kids entertained is to create a daily schedule for them. This should include time for schoolwork, playtime, mealtime, nap and other activities.

Having a set schedule will help them know what to expect throughout the day and make it easier for them to stay focused.


2. Set up a Dedicated Space for Them


Designate a part of the house as an activity corner – an area where your children can do their crafts, play board games, drawing, colouring, clay modelling or simply relax. This will provide them with a designated place to entertain themselves when they need something to do. It also keeps the mess confined in one area and makes clean-up easy for everyone afterwards. 


3. Create an Activity Basket

Gather up all of your kid’s favourite toys, books, games, colouring books, etc., put them all in one basket or bin, and set it aside for when they need something new to do while you’re working from home. Rotating the items in this activity basket every now and then will keep them interested in what they find inside! 


4. Get them Involved in your Work


If you can, involve your kids in what you’re doing. If you’re on a conference call, let them sit in on it and draw pictures. For example if you’re writing a report, ask them to help research one of the topics. Not only will this help keep them entertained, but it will also give them a better understanding of what you do.


5. Take Advantage of Technology

Ways to Keep Kids Entertained & Engaged

Finally, don’t forget about technology! There are plenty of ways that technology can help keep your kids entertained while you work from home—from educational apps and games that teach math skills to interactive storybooks that allow children to explore different worlds without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Just be sure not to overload your child with too much tech time—it should always be balanced out with creative activities and “real world” playtime as well! 

6. Get Crafty


Crafting is a great way to keep your kids busy while you work. It’s also educational and can foster creativity. Gather up some paper, markers, glue, and other supplies for them to use and let their imaginations run wild! They could come up with some really cool projects or make cards for friends and family members.

Even just playing dress-up with old clothes and accessories or The key here is to provide enough structure to keep your children engaged without being too overbearing—they should still have room to flex their creativity! 


7. Take Breaks Together


Make sure to take breaks together so you can stay connected with your kids while you’re working. This could be something as simple as taking a walk around the block, quick grocery shopping or playing Ludo/chess. Taking breaks will also help relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling from working at home.


8. Offer Choices


Let them choose their own activities. Provide your children with choices when it comes to activities. Set out items like colouring books, puzzles, legos, clay, activity sheets and other open ended items. Letting them make their own decisions about what they want to do will help keep kids engaged while working from home. 


9. Set Up “Quiet Time”


Another great way to keep your kids entertained while you work from home is by setting up “quiet time.” During this period, encourage your children to read books, do puzzles, listen to music, or simply sit quietly and reflect on their day. This will give them an opportunity to wind down after a long day, which will ultimately help keep them calm while you finish up your own tasks.

Plus, if you make sure this quiet time is uninterrupted (i.e., no TV or video games are allowed!), it’ll make it easier for your kids to settle down into a more relaxed state of mind. 


10. Plan Fun Activities/ Outdoor play after work


Once you’re done working for the day, plan some fun activities that everyone can enjoy together. This could be anything from going for a walk or bike ride to playing a board game or cooking dinner together. Having something to look forward to at the end of the day will help motivate your kids (and yourself!) to get through the workday.



Working from home isn’t always easy when there are little ones around the house—but it doesn’t have to be impossible either! By engaging them in creative activities, setting up “quiet time,” and taking advantage of technology (when used responsibly), parents can successfully juggle both parenting duties and working duties simultaneously. So don’t forget to take advantage of these tips next time there’s work to be done at home!


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